The challenges farmers face today are as diverse as our country.

BioHub Solutions spend time to properly understand what’s holding you back before then working with you to develop a simple, customised and measurable solution that is both economically and environmentally positive.

The challenges we identify can range from crop, soil, climatic, water (or often a combination of all of these) and each requires a different solution.

We know that when the right solution is designed, we can provide tangible benefits in the short, medium AND long terms.

How we can help you and your farm

Biohub Solutions will always provide simple, results driven and environmentally responsible solutions that have proven benefits for our clients and the environment; now and for generations to come.

Simple solutions with economic return

Results driven with measurable outcomes

Short, medium & long term vision and benefits

Positively impact the environment

Continue research to improve soil health and food quality

Displays our commitment to integrity, transparency, and having fun

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Measurable results

Because the challenges that each farm faces is unique, the solutions that we provide are unique to each farm. There is no silver bullet, no magical recipe to success. We also understand that we need to be held accountable for our results, our products, and our performance to you. BioHub Solutions have developed a structured, yet simple, framework for this solution called the BioPlan.

The BioPlan is our commitment to you and your future and it sets out:

  • The identified challenges unique to your operations.
  • The measurements that we will be taking during the year to measure the changes that our solutions are making.
  • The end of season results including economic performance report.

The Products

BioHub Solutions are an Australian owned and based company. This pride has also extended to our products. We proud supplied Australia made and sourced products for over 90% of our range. It is our commitment to providing Australian product for Australian farmers for Australian challenges.

Our range is more than just about the biology however. In order for them to maximise their effect on your challenges there are also a range of biostimulants and complimentary products that are utilised as part of our BioPlan. Each of these has a specific task depending on your crop, your soil, your challenges, and your expectations.


BioHub Solution’s biology range has been designed after extensive research and feedback into the challenges that are facing our growers.

We have worked hard with Australian suppliers to product high quality strains that are suited to our harsh soils and climatic extremes.

Thus each product has a specific role to play in ensuring that the biological balance of your soil improves the efficiencies out of all of your cropping inputs.


With all living organisms, they are only as effective as the environment that they live in and the food sources that they have access to.

The BioHub Solutions biostimulant range has been designed to provide a tailored food source for the biology, not only for the type but also for the environment that they are living in.

This means we have devised a proprietary range of stimulants, carbon sources, kelp products, and humic acids. Together they provide a powerful, integrated solution to your farm challenges.


Whilst biology and biostimulants can provide an economical and environmental solution, their immediate effectiveness can be affected by their environments and the inputs used with them. BioHub Solutions know that the best operations obtain the greatest efficiencies from their inputs to maximise their returns.

Our complimentary product range is designed to target specific challenges such as water penetration, salinity, sodium, and irrigation line hygiene. Each of these products complement the biological solutions of the BioPlan and ensure that your crops and animals have the best possible chance of meeting your expectations.

Client Testimonials

"I have been very happy with BioHub. Together we have come up with a structured, simple plan for my farm. I am excited to see how we can improve our soil, pasture, and cattle. More importantly my bottom line.”

Richard Cudlipp, Victoria AUS

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have used or heard about biologicals in the past and haven’t had the results. Why are you different?
  • There seems to be a lot going on with the BioPlan. Is it hard and what do I have to do?
  • Where do I purchase your products from or organise testing?

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